Is Your Gateway To Crypto-Currencies is a place for those in the crypto-currency community and those interested in getting involved with crypto-currency to trade their coins with all the benefits our exchange can give.

We aim to give a great user experience matched with fast support. We will be adding many new coins based on popularity and requests of our users. We currently have more than 40 different coins to trade with. The team is made up of talented developers and support who know how to build an efficient, secure and reliable system that uses the latest technology.

Buy & Sell

All trades have between 0.1% & 0.25% fee applied to them, making it easy to execute profitable trades. Deposits, withdrawals and access to additional services are free of charge unless specifically noted.


Our fully responsive design ensures that will work at its best on all web enabled devices from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets. We will be developing a dedicated mobile app in the near future to make trading on the go even easier.

Secure exchange is designed for security and protected by state of the art security services while giving you the option to secure your account through the use of two-factor authentication. All withdrawals require email authentication for added security of your account.


Our system is built from the ground up with performance in mind and delivers ultra-fast response and order matching times, ensuring that you never have to wait when submitting orders.

API Access

Almost all functionality provided by exchange can be accessed through our API, allowing you to build automated, high-frequency services that interact with our platform.

Community exchange has an active community who share tips and information in our chat box and private messaging. Join our community, meet fellow traders and make new friends. There are rewards to be won for contributing to the community including fee free trading, so get involved.

Built On The Best Technology Technology has been built using the latest technology including WebSockets, Distributed Caching, SQL Server 2014, Windows Server 2014, IIS 8+, and Fibre Connections. This site makes exhaustive use of new webbrowser technologies and requires a browser that supports this (websockets, cors, javascript, html5). We recommend the latest release of Google Chrome can help provide additional information on supported browsers or click HERE to run a simple browser check.

Join Us Now is accepting new users ready to get involved with crypto currencies including bitcoin and Banx Shares using our easy to use bespoke trading platform.

New To Using An Exchange?

Step 1

Click the register now button above and fill out the following forms to get your account setup. Follow the link in the confirmation email and your account will be ready to trade.

Step 2

Login to your account using the details you provided. We advise setting up 2 factor authentication immediately to increase the security of your account. This can be done from the account settings page. For more information on 2 Factor Authentication click here.

Step 3

Click your username in the top left and then click deposits. Then create an address for any coin you already hold in order to deposit these coins into your new account.

Step 4

Select that coin in the left hand menu to start trading. Enter the value and amount in the following boxes to place a buy or sell order and wait for it to be fulfilled.

System Messages

  • ByronP(8/24/2015)

    Vertcoin wallet has been upgraded to V0.10.0
  • ByronP(8/16/2015)

    BTC wallet has been successfully upgraded, full service shall resume momentarily.
  • ByronP(8/15/2015)

    Sorry for the extended BTC wallet down time, I am upgrading the wallet. BTC wallet services should be back to normal later today.

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